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Casually Casual Cast #7: A World of Warcraft Podcast

Welcome to Casually Casual Cast!

I am your host , RainnaSwiftSage!

This is Your Warcraft Podcast for those who are Hardcore about NOT BEING hardcore!

In Each Episode I cover an Warcraft news in and out of Azeroth, I cruise the Forums and share community feedback! I share some adventures in Azeroth and I finish by taking a trip through Tradechat!

I welcome you to join me!

You can tweet the show at @acasualcast and you can email the show at ! You can follow me on twitter @Harainna!



The “Dish” of the Day!

  • News, Whispers, Opinions etc.

  • World Of Warcraft Hot fixes

  • Hotfixes

  • JANUARY JANUARY 21 & 22 Many Hotfixes were added to the game! I wont read them on the show because that makes for very boring listening!


  • Mythic Dungeon International: The Shadowlands 2021 Season 1 is Here!

  • MDI returned to YouTube this Friday, January 22, when top teams from around the world will face off to earn points towards advancing to the MDI Season 1 Global Finals and compete for their share of the $20,000 (USD) prize pool per cup.

  • To make it to each cup, teams will need to prove themselves in Time Trials against more than 200 other teams, with the final eight teams advancing to each cup. Once all four cups have completed, the top six teams—based on total points—will advance to the Season 1 Global Finals where they will join with the top two teams from China to compete for the title of MDI Global Champion and their share of the $300,000 (USD) prize pool!


Activision Blizzard has moved its Vicarious Visions studio from the Activision side of the business to the Blizzard side.

  • According to an article on gaming by Brendan Sinclair, Vicarious Visions team of about 200 people will be employees of Blizzard and "fully dedicated to existing Blizzard games and initiatives,"

  • This means the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 studio will no longer be creating games as the lead developer.

  • A representative explained to Gaming Industry that "After collaborating with Vicarious Visions for some time and developing a great relationship, Blizzard realized there was an opportunity for [Vicarious Visions] to provide long-term support,".

  • They also declined to specify what the team has been working on with Blizzard, or for how long.


WoW Esports@WoWEsports

There's still a chance to help out your Covenant!

Use your team's hashtag here on Twitter and the team with the most hashtags at the end of January WIN 🏆





Who will come out on top? Night Fae is lookin' pretty good... 😏

Cruising the Forums!

General Discussion



60 Orc Hunter

I just don’t understand the need to hold me while you go throw spears down at the ground or grab scrolls from your floating bookcases. Like why am I there when you’re clearly doing all the work or have a free hand if you weren’t holding me?


60 Blood Elf Warlock

Meh the foot fetish poster is weirder. Least when you’re allowing a kyrian to hold you you’re consenting. That other guy just forces his trolling on everyone


10 Void Elf Mage

They just like to literally as well as metaphorically choke the individuality from you is all.


60 Mechagnome Monk

I just don’t understand the need to hold me

It’s a power move. In the afterlife, you have to assert dominance early


60 Human Monk

They just like you so much. Mortals are very huggable!


So Relatable!

I just tweeted out a photo of my character no longer being carried by my chin but now from my back. I was afraid my Night Elf was going to start to look like an undead because I was unsure how long my nelf jaw would hold up!




Post after post about non meta specs getting declined for hours on end. Believe it or not there is a handy tool in the group finder that allows you to start your own group to do mythic dungeons and the best part is you can accept whoever you want!

And before you tell me that you don’t want to make your own groups, let me stop you right there. START YOUR OWN GROUP. It’s a night and day difference as the majority of people don’t care who they run with.

I did the majority of my mythic plus runs as sub by making my own groups. After getting declined like a lot of people repeatedly for days, I decided enough was enough. This is what you must do.

The people who are declining you are getting dozens of applications. They are going to pick the highest item level person. So if you want to gear up you need to make your own standard and make your own group.

Repeat. Make your own group. Stop being lazy.

Make your own group.


60 Human Hunter

Or better yet, join a M+ community, there’s hundreds of them, and amazingly, everybody in them joined BECAUSE THEY WANT TO DO CONTENT.


60 Void Elf Mage

The solution isn’t people “making their own group”, enough people have cited the issues with that in plenty of threads already, and simply repeating the same statement ad nauseam doesn’t magically make it work for everyone.

The problem is the system.

The playerbase shouldn’t be the gate that decides whether or not other players can access content, period. It’s bad design. I get that some folks love the current LFG system but that’s because it works for them, it doesn’t work for everyone. And people “making their own groups” doesn’t get away from this problem.

I won’t reiterate the solutions others have already posted since they’re already, well, posted. I just want to emphasize that doubling-down on non-solutions doesn’t actually solve over-arching systemic problems.


10 Lightforged Draenei Paladin

The solution is patience. You’ll get in something eventually.



50 Lightforged Draenei Paladin

Playable red Draenei/Man’ari/Eredar, with awesome wings!


60 Highmountain Tauren Druid

What ridiculous thing I want added to the game?

A good story.


<Frostmane Division>

60 Human Hunter


(Why yes this is a complete sentence.)


60 Blood Elf Demon Hunter

Shivarra allied race and more slutmogs.


60 Night Elf Druid

Anduin asks for my hand in marriage. I decline.


60 Blood Elf Mage

Player Housing


50 Blood Elf Paladin

A villain faction that knows it is evil and spits at good defiantly. And snowshoes.


55 Blood Elf Hunter

Tauren rogues. They’re overdue, Blizzard.

In your opinion:

Is Shadowlands Alt-Friendly?



Not sure yet!21.1%

Depends how you play!31.6%

Shadowlands' promise to be more alt-friendly was welcome news.

Adventures in Azeroth!

  • My time in-game.

  • Working my way to 60 and still questing in Bastion!

  • I saw a lot of tweets a couple weeks ago where fellow Azerothians were stressed out by not hitting 60 as fast as everyone else but I just didnt feel the rush. IT got dropped right on top of the huge holiday season and I didnt feel like trying to juggle holiday family stuff on top of burning out racing to 60. I want to enjoy this expansion because we need to make expansions last! I like to enjoy the adventure.

  • I LOVE the fact we can jump off of a cliff into an abyss and be sachet up by a lovely individual who carries us back to safety! Sometimes I just jump off to avoid trying to find my way down !

  • I love the little Stewards in Bastion and would love a plushy version of them!

  • I made it to Maldraxxus and Oh Boy the environment is polar opposite of Bastion . The Arena area you start it has the perfect sound to definitely make you feel like you are entering a death match right away. It was definitely a sink or swim moment for my Nelf Hunter Harainna.

  • I was definitely fan girling over Draka and working with her as I have been making my way through the Rise of the Horde book which brings you really close to Draka . I adore her <3 Im convinced Draka is my Warcraft Spirit Orc <3

Trade Chat

  • The place for extras!

  • The place for Spotlights!

  • The place for tips or recommendations!

  • In Game Events!

Ivona Nikolic@moms_den tweeted out a very helpful video she made that tells us how to get a Spinemaw Gladechewer “Quick and Easy!”

How to get Spinemaw Gladechewer: quick & easy! | World of Warcraft Shadowlands

Honors Hammer, Ascended of the Kyrian @HonorsHammer

Jan 23

Anyone used Threads of Fate for their alt? How was it?


I did threads with my Nelf hunter-Ardenweald....if you do that, you don't get the play....very disappointed, but my own fault for not researching it more. That was a week after launch, not sure if it still holds true. But leveling is very disjointed IMO.

Kalcheus@kalcheus added to Briccos reply that:

You don’t get the play if you choose to skip the sanctum tour when you return at 60. Doing Threads of Fate didn’t lock you out from doing it.

Elizabeth 🌻@Faience

It feels designed for NOT grinding. I.e. it seems most natural when you log on, do whatever quests/objectives/etc interest you and then log out. Trying to rush through levels by grinding you run out of quests and world quests and it becomes very sluggish.

Elizabeth Sunflower @Faience

The only downside is travel time. Quests aren’t necessarily clumped up. You have some flight paths but not all. I’m doing it on my shaman right now.

One thing: you can earn anima and renown, though you can’t do anything with either yet. But you get a head start.

Jason -@jasonfj

This is my take as well. My priest sits for days, gets a bunch of rested exp, and then I log her in for an hour or two, do some quests and a random dungeon queue or two, and then log out. If you want 60 fast, do the storyline and use Autopilot or something similar.


I like it better than repeating the campaign. May take a little longer but the freedom makes up for it.

Dr_bombay @dr_bombay tweeted out:

so, finally was able to chose my #Warcraft covenant last night, and gotta say, the play the Night Fae have you participate in, depicting the previous expansions, is HILARIOUS. i love when WoW has a sense of humor about itself.

Iconic - Emerald Dream @IconicGuildWow

  • I found an awesome tweet on the twitters from @IconicGuildWow !


  • It said: “When your guild bank has a tab full of pets, what do you do? Make an adoption video of course!”

  • Made by @jaineglocke and @khalidavlogs

  • Hello! Thank you again for featuring one of silly videos we do for our guild. Here is a little info about our guild.

  • Iconic is an alliance guild on Emerald Dream. They are a guild that is inclusive of all people and playstyles. There is a raid team, active M+ community as well as events for more casual players. Their casual night consists of different in game events (hide and seek and naked darts for example), non wow game nights(jack box,, among us), and also a casual raid night. The casual raid is for players who want to try raiding in a safe setting with more experienced players. We value having a community that is inclusive and safe for any person who wants to play with us. For more info about the guild, hit us up @IconicGuildWow

You can find them on youtube too @

Thank you for joining me for this Warcraft Chat !

You can tweet the show at @acasualcast and you can email the show at ! You can follow me on twitter @Harainna!

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