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Casually Casual Cast #3: A World of Warcraft Podcast !

Welcome to Casually Casual Cast!

I am your host , RainnaSwiftSage!

This is Your Warcraft Podcast for those who are Hardcore about NOT BEING hardcore!

In Each Episode I cover an Warcraft news in and out of Azeroth, I cruise the Forums and share community feedback! I share some adventures in Azeroth and I finish by taking a trip through Tradechat!

I welcome you to join me!



Community Board

Reckful: Twitch and gamers pay tribute after star's death


  • In the past month we have had our Warcraft community rocked in many ways. While we are experiencing turbulent times in our real world, many have found our life in the Warcraft community and Even Azeroth shaken by turbulence too .

  • Many notable “Influencers” in the Warcraft Community have been exposed for their dirty dealings over the course of many years.

  • This has led to many well known Guilds and Communities having to re-evaluate how they will handle such very important situations in the future.

  • I recommend that those in leadership positions should double check their community guidelines and make sure they have a system of checks and balances in place to make sure that all members know how they plan to handle complaints of harassment, the exploitation of minors, etc.

  • As a player, I recommend you check to see if a guild or community or organization has taken the steps to handle harassment and the exploitation of minors, etc.

This month the Warcraft Podcasting Community lost a huge pillar. He went by the name Hasteur and was a mainstay on many podcasts so you may be familiar with him.

  • When I started podcasting about World Of Warcraft in 2012, I listened to him on All Things Azeroth and on Group Quest. He was very welcoming and very kind and his passing has been a huge shock for many.

  • During the first week of July, Many may have logged in and wondered why the cathedral in stormwind was full of kneeling azerothians proclaiming how someone named Reckful made an impact on their life. Many knew of him as Reckful and for his many achievements in World of Warcraft and many outside of Azeroth knew him as Byron Daniel Bernstein.

  • On July 2, of this year, this fine man took his own life

  • Byron struggled with mental illness and talked openly about it and as a well known streamer, he was exposed to the darkest side of the gaming community.

  • Technology continues to improve in the gaming industry but the support for mental health and the ability to sufficiently shut down excessive hate speech remains to be left behind.

  • The internet was flooded with Pictures of World of Warcraft players meeting in the cathedral to pay their respects.

  • Many came to share how much the death of Reckful had affected them as much as how his life had been an inspiration.

  • With June and July being filled with such rockiness, there's one thing that does stand out to me. For Every hateful person filling chats across the internet with sludge, there's at least 10x more that choose to spread compassion and support.


The “Dish” of the Day!

News, Whispers, Opinions etc.

There's been some great info coming out from Ion Hazzikostas this week!

  • There was a ShadowLands Developer Update that took place on YouTube Hosted by Ion Hazzikostas!


  • He dropped lots of information about the shadowlands and my sister will be joining me during shadowland segments in the future where we will break down different aspects of the expansion.

A new interview dropped today with Preach Gaming and Ion !


Community Manager

  • With the latest build of the Shadowlands Beta, addons are now enabled for use.

  • Beta testers who have been in-game will need to exit the game and update their client to the latest version (build 35213) in order to test addons.the expansion and discuss our thoughts on them.


Our Addons will be moving AGAIN

  • CurseForge will be moving out of the Twitch client and into a new dedicated desktop app on Overwolf.

  • CurseForge is remaining its own brand and will remain in the Overwolf collection of apps.

  • The website is staying where it is but the mod managing tab will be leaving the twitch app and be part of the CurseForge app that is already part of the PC and Mac.

  • There's another addon website that you can use to download your warcraft apps from that I have used when playing Elderscrolls online. It offers a mod app called Minion.

  • You can find it at in the case you do not want to go with the Over wolf option. Keep in mind that you can still utilize curse forge,


Don't forget you can still join the Shadowlands Beta!

  • The Shadows Rising Now Available

  • Released July 14, 2020 by Blizzard Entertainment

  • An all-new official prequel novel to the upcoming Shadowlands expansion penned by New York Times bestselling author Madeleine Roux, Shadows Rising is the next epic tale in our novel series. Shadows Rising is available to purchase on Penguin Random House now.

Wow Classic:

Theres a new best time in classic for Blackwing Lair!

WoW Classic Server Communities Paying Respects to Reckful

  • After the sudden and tragic passing of well-known streamer and personality Byron "Reckful" Bernstein, in addition to basically the entire WoW community paying their respects on twitter, facebook etc, we now also have some really amazing reactions in-game as well.

  • While there were plenty of wonderful threads on retail WoW as well, the response in Classic was special.

  • Many, many servers have seen gatherings of players paying their respects in the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind, or in Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar.


Cruising the Forums!



120 Zandalari Troll Druid

With the addition of Mei and other races in wow recently, the shift from a fictional universe to imitating the fanbase (or desired fanbase) is gaining momentum. Creative energies are dying off at Blizzard when your character designs reflect the players you want to have paying for your games.

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Medieval… these are fictional universes with fictional characters and archetypes of heroes. Political correctness waters down these monolithic story realms, and imitating the player base rather than inspiring the player base will generate a massive loss of appeal.

Take for example the launcher promo for Arenas right now. There’s a female human toon with jet black hair and a modern haircut. There’s nothing fantastical about that. It looks like a plain college girl, not even an athletic one. Foxes with their comfy, made-for-outdoors snuggy apparel… Borderline imitation at least of sedentary comfy spectator homestuck female. Mei, an overweight bachelors degree in environmental studies trying to undo the damage of her overconsumption… It’s 100% pitiful, and the only people supporting it are forum shills with pre-existing shill posts with such constructive feedback as “I like this” and “That’s like your opinion, man” (verbatim).

  • Roma

  • 120 Zandalari Troll Druid

  • If I’m understanding this post correctly, you’re emotional because players will have more character customization options?

  • Pouiya

  • 120 Pandaren Monk

  • You seem angry,have a snickers.

  • Aruk

  • 70 Orc Shaman

  • WoW is an amusement park. If you want something that feels serious, this is the wrong game.



120 Void Elf Priest

BFA is terrible for alts. I hate having to repeat quest lines with the same characters to do anything (the legendary cloak for example). That’s why I have neglected all my alts and this is the only character I actually play seriously. 8.3’s only content is grinds… someone please tell me it will get better in SL? I wanted to have one character for each covenant without spending my whole life on WoW.

  • Kaznarok

  • 120 Orc Warrior

  • Probably not, Blizzard spent all of BfA trying to kill alts. Don’t see that changing.

  • Isveria

  • 120 Void Elf Priest

  • From what I heard at Blizzcon, once you do all four zones and choose a Covenant at Max level on your “main” character, when you go to Shadowlands on your level 50 alts you can join a covenant straight away without having to do all the zones/level and immediately start progressing in your covenant.

  • So that’s good news for you since you wanna do all 4 covs! :smiley:

  • I also heard that legendary recipes/etc. will be account wide, etc.

  • They seem to be wanting to make it alt friendly and streamlined.



120 Undead Warlock

  • We have riding and flying training, could be interesting to start adding swimming training and water riding in each xpac.


120 Void Elf Rogue

  • I’d just like to be able to leap out of the water without my mount evaporating out from under me.


120 Undead Warlock

I want to see new players dive into water sink to the bottom and their toons drown like in most games where u die in water, until they get training.

Side Quest : Community Poll!

  • Community feedback and poll on a forum topic!


  • Casually Casual Cast: A Warcraft Podcast @ACasualCast

  • Should Blizzard add Swimming Training to Warcraft? Where we would be able to learn abilities like walking on water, riding on water, swimming faster? Yes some races & mounts can do this , but what other cool ideas for swimming would you like to see?



20 Void Elf Rogue

If you’re an underperforming player, you’re going to be told so. Often times in the nastiest and most negative way possible. Ignore lists are limited and don’t prevent it. Reporting players feels empty because there’s no closure. I’m just supposed to trust that Blizzard takes care of it, when toxic chat continues to be the norm? I’ve even witnessed people brag about how they can be openly racist and still come back after a soft 3 day ban. It’s disgusting. And it only seems to be getting worse. We need chats moderated better because it’s ruining our gaming experience! Especially for newbies


120 Vulpera Monk

  • If you’re an underperforming player, you’re going to be told so.

  • Some people are toxic about it, but taking criticism is part of being mature. Otherwise, I agree with you. I doubt it will get better, since Blizzard corporate seems to prefer automated systems over paying people.


120 Tauren Hunter

  • I’m pretty “under-performing” myself, and I’ve actually never been told this (except in PvP, which I’ve only participated in when forced, and even then, I was castigated less than half the time–and I probably deserved it most of the time).

Adventures in Azeroth!

My time in-game.

  • Started a casual Leveling Guild With my sister on Proudmoore alliance!

  • We are so thankful to my wow Twitter palls ZullZilla, Tiberwow, Pallimas, And @C_Vanderlinden who logged in and signed our guild charter to help us get it up and running!

  • We called it Diminished Expectations! HAHAHAAA!

Trade Chat

The place for extras!

  • The place for Spotlights!

  • The place for tips or recommendations!

  • In Game Events!

Brann’s List

Brann Bronzebeard is a member of the Explorer’s League and this is the list of lists he made to keep up with all the creative heroes he meets during his adventures!

Future lists: Webcomics, Communities, Fundraising, Shopping

Future updates: cross-posted links, Brann’s List Discord, Badge Art, retired content creators

Possible updates: featured creators, summary of content, narrowed categories, artists and cosplayer images

Lists are updated weekly.

Follow @BrannsList on Twitter for news and updates related to the website.

Contact @Zuulzilla on Twitter with questions, comments, ideas, gluten-free recipes, or friendship. DMs are open. You can also message me on Discord: Zuulzilla#0074, or use the contact form here.


  • I apologize for the gap in episode productions! June honestly flew by so fast but I have to say that it was the most emotional month so far for many reasons and I am sure I am not the only one who felt it.

  • As a World and a World of Warcraft Community we have been through some deep and painful tranches and I hope this episode finds you safe and healthy.

  • Part of my delay is that fact that I didn't know where to even begin with my 3rd episode. How do I tackle such important issues that are affecting each of us differently while also doing each topic justice.

  • I'm still not sure I can do it because I am only one person, but that will not stop me from trying my best to do so.

  • So Here I go,

  • I condemn racism, sexism, ageism, classism, violence and hatred toward others in all its forms.

  • It is not Okay to harass, belittle, intimidate, groom, manipulate, or bully a person for any reason.

  • It is not OK to initiate intimacy with another person without consent.

  • No means No and Silence does not equal consent.

  • And just because

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